DuoVue Double-sided Non-Adhesive Banner Film for Interior/Exterior Display


12-mil, white/white, double-sided non-adhesive PVC with 1.6-mm perforations. Incorporates a blockout layer in the middle to provide a moderate degree of opacity.

Perforation pattern: approx. 40% perforated, 60% retained

Standard rolls: 54" x 100' [1.37 x 30.48 m]
Custom sizes available by special order.

Product code: CFWWDV54x100


Double-sided graphics for POP, retail and commercial signage, corporate identity and a variety of other interior or exterior banner applications. DuoVue is especially well-suited for use in interior retail store environments where the ambient lighting is uniform and does not shine more brightly on one side of the graphic than the other.

DuoVue's 60/40 perforation pattern offers more print surface, making it ideal for medium-format retail graphics.

Display Method:

Can be used as a hanging banner; inserted in a ceiling-mounted or standing frame; in a snap-in banner stand; or other displays designed for hanging graphics.

Can also be attached to the interior or exterior surface of a clean, dry glass door or window using one of the following CLEAR FOCUS products:

Other display methods are available on the market.

When installed on a window or glass door where light will illuminate one side of the graphic more strongly than the other, the graphic on the side that receives less light may look washed out. To remedy this, it may be necessary to add flood lighting so that both sides receive the same amount of illumination. Testing is recommended prior to production and installation.


Wide-format printers having a Mesh mode or other method allowing for ink collection. Another option is to premask each side of the film using application tape prior to printing.

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You pioneered this product and we have been successful with it ever since. Thanks to your team for your experience and innovation over the years! Gary Schellerer, ER2 Image Group