ImageJetVue Exterior-mount Film


8-mil black/white composite PVC with 1.5-mm perforations and a white PET release liner. Topcoated with a micro-thin inkjet-receptive layer.

Perforation pattern: 35% perforated, 65% retained

Standard rolls: 36” & 54" x 50' [91.44 & 137 cm x 15.24 m].
Custom sizes available by special order.

Product codes: CFIJVWL36X50, CFIJVWL54X50


Exterior-mount window graphics for decals, POP, retail and commercial signage and a wide variety of other applications.

Note: Not recommended for vehicle window graphics because of reduced visibility and short lifespan of aqueous inks.

ImageJetVue's 65/35 perforation pattern provides more print surface area, making it ideal for small-format window graphics and graphics requiring small detail and text, and finer image resolution. It is ideal for short production runs, including one-offs, for short-term applications. Life expectancy of the film is up to 18 months (approx.).


Wide-format inkjet printing with aqueous pigmented and dye-based inks. An overlaminate is recommended for outdoor use to prevent the water-based inks from smearing if exposed to moisture (e.g., when the windows are washed or when it rains) and to increase the life of the print. A liquid laminate can be used instead of an overlaminate for window graphics that will not be subjected to moisture/rain.

For graphics to be mounted on curved windows, a liquid laminate or an overlaminate that conforms well to curved surfaces (e.g., CurvaLam or PromoLam) is recommended.


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You pioneered this product and we have been successful with it ever since. Thanks to your team for your experience and innovation over the years! Gary Schellerer, ER2 Image Group