EconoVue 60/40 Clear Interior-Mount Film


6.5-mil clear PVC with 1.6-mm perforations and an unperforated solid paper liner, a white PET liner or Do-ALLiner®.

Perforation pattern: approx. 40% perforated, 60% retained

Standard rolls: 54" x 100' [1.37 x 30.48 m]
Custom sizes available by special order.

Product codes:
CFEVISL54X100 (with solid paper liner)
CFEVIWL54x100 (with white PET liner for UV-cure)
CFEVIDL54x100 (with universal Do-ALLiner for UV-cure, latex, solvent, etc.)


Designed to mount to the interior surface of windows. Applications include POP, retail and commercial window signage and a wide variety of other applications.

Not recommended for use on dark or tinted windows because of color distortion and undesirable reflections that may occur since product is mounted on the inside surface of the window.

EconoVue Clear Interior is ideal for window signage that requires protection from weathering, abrasion and graffiti. Also an option for areas where exterior-mount signage is prohibited (check local sign ordinances for compliance) or where there's no access to the exterior (e.g., upper floors).


For one-way vision applications
The most common method is to screen print in 3 steps:

  1. Print image (including any text) in reverse, with the color sequence printed in reverse.
  2. Print an opaque white coat over entire film.
  3. Print an opaque black coat over entire film.

The image can also be printed by other methods, such as UV-cure, that allow reverse printing of image (with the color sequence in reverse). The white and black coats are applied subsequently by screen printing, UV-cure, or other suitable method.

When printing UV-cure, select the white PET liner or Do-ALLiner. Less ink laydown may be needed to prevent the holes from clogging. This is especially true when running multiple passes using the highest resolution. Test-printing prior to production is recommended to determine the optimal ink density.

For non-one-way-vision applications
A softer, more translucent effect can be achieved by printing the colors normally, without adding the white and black coats of ink. In this case, any text will display in reverse on one side.


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You pioneered this product and we have been successful with it ever since. Thanks to your team for your experience and innovation over the years! Gary Schellerer, ER2 Image Group