Cleaning One Way Vision Window Graphics

The durability of the graphics depends primarily on the types of inks used to print them, as well as whether an optically clear liquid laminate or an overlaminate has been applied. We strongly recommend conducting a test prior to cleaning. The following cleaning information applies to graphics already installed on glass.

For laminated or non-laminated graphics printed on our uncoated window films with solvent-inkjet inks, screen printing inks, latex inks, airbrush paints and other durable outdoor inks, as well as by thermal transfer:

  1. Apply a solution of mild soap and water to a lint-free cloth; wring out any excess water. The cloth should be moist but not saturated.
  2. Conduct a test by gently wiping a small area of the graphics (such as a corner or other inconspicuous area) with the moist cloth to remove dirt, smudges, fingerprints and other residue. If the inks do not run or come off onto the cloth, gently wipe the rest of the graphics clean.
  3. If necessary, dry the graphics with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Note: If the graphics have not been laminated and the inks come off on the wet cloth, this means the inks are not water-resistant. In this case, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the graphics clean. Another option is to use compressed air to blow away dust and dirt.

For laminated graphics printed on JetVue or ImageJetVue film with aqueous pigmented or dye-based inks (or on our uncoated films by electrostatic transfer):
Graphics printed by non-solvent inkjet or electrostatic transfer must have either a liquid laminate or an overlaminate applied to them prior to cleaning with water. Follow the steps above, being sure to conduct a test prior to cleaning.

For longer-lasting graphics and to protect against UV and moisture, an optically clear liquid laminate or an overlaminate, such as ClearLam, PromoLam or CurvaLam, is recommended.

Vehicle window graphics:

Durable outdoor inks are recommended for printing vehicle window graphics because the graphics are subjected to rain, dirt and other residue, and must therefore be cleaned regularly. Buses sometimes undergo a daily washing; as a result the inks used must be especially durable. As always, a test is highly recommended prior to cleaning.

The following are NOT recommended:

  • Using a solvent-based window cleaner (e.g., Windex) — the solvents in the cleaner may weaken the film's adhesive properties. For this reason solvent-based cleaners should not be used to clean the glass prior to graphic installation or after the graphics have been installed.
  • Completely saturating the graphics with water, as this will fill the holes with water.
  • Using a squeegee to remove excess water — a rubber squeegee may leave marks on the graphics.
  • Using the wiper blade on the rear window of a vehicle to remove water from rain that collects in the holes or after a car wash. Such water buildup can be prevented by using an overlaminate (preferably a conformable overlaminate, such as PromoLam or CurvaLam, on curved windows) on the graphics prior to installation so that the rain runs off the graphics. If the graphics have not been laminated, dry them using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

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