Printing Tips

Below is basic information on printing with our films. We welcome comments and suggestions from experienced users as well as photos of projects!

We strongly recommend performing a test prior to actual production. This applies to both printing graphics on CLEAR FOCUS films and applying an overlaminate to the printed graphic.

Printing with UV-cure inks
CLEAR FOCUS uncoated films with the clear PET liner, white PET liner or Do-ALLiner are recommended when printing with UV-cure inks.

CLEAR FOCUS films with an unperforated solid paper liner (e.g., ReflectVue) are not compatible with UV-cure printers. PosterVue is also not UV-cure compatible.

Printing with HP latex inks
Hp Latex Logo
The following CLEAR FOCUS films have been HP-certified as compatible with the HP Designjet L25500 latex printer:
- ImageVue, and EconoVue with the solid paper liner.

HP Latex Compatibility Data Sheet 

Recommended profile: HP Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl.

For details, see individual product pages.

EconoVue 60/40 with Solid Paper Liner 
EconoVue 70/30 with Solid Paper Liner

Screen printing

  • Use a more viscous ink and apply less ink than normal.
  • Use a higher resolution screen (65-line is acceptable, 85-line is optimal).
  • Use lighter squeegee pressure than normal to prevent flooding of the holes with ink.

Aqueous inkjet printing on ImageJetVue
When using dye-based inks, in particular, an overlaminate or liquid clear coat is recommended. Lamination of outdoor graphics is recommended to prevent the inks from smearing. 

Electrostatic transfer, thermal transfer
Due to the wide variety of transfer papers, toners, inks and other variables used with these printing methods, we recommend performing a test prior to actual production.

Spray at a 90-degree angle to avoid coating the interior side walls of the holes with ink.

1. For tips on preparing artwork for perforated window film, please see Design.

2. In most cases using the same settings as those used for printing solid vinyl will yield satisfactory results. For tech support, call 1-800-307-7990 or email:

3. When using any CLEAR FOCUS perforated vinyl film with the unperforated solid paper liner, which is glossier than other CLEAR FOCUS release liners, allow extra time — ideally 24 hours — for the inks to dry and outgas before handling the graphics.

The solid paper release liner is not compatible with UV-cure inks.

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