Printer Compatibility

Uncoated Films

Below is a partial list of printers with which the majority of our uncoated films are compatible.

PosterVue is compatible with solvent and eco-solvent inks and screen printing. It is not UV-cure compatible.

Important: CLEAR FOCUS perforated window films having an unperforated solid paper liner (e.g., ReflectVue) are not compatible with UV-cure printers. CLEAR FOCUS products with the standard clear or white PET liner or Do-ALLiner are recommended when printing with UV-cure inks.

For the most up-to-date information, please contact us. Additional details can be found on the Compatibility Chart (PDF).

Manufacturer & Model


Colorspan 98UVX Inkjet (UV-curable)
Durst Rho 160R UV Inkjet (UV-curable)
Gandi Innovations Jet-i Inkjet (solvent)
Gandi Innovations Jet-i 3150, 3324 UV
Gerber EDGE Thermal transfer
Gerber EDGE 2 Thermal transfer
(requires ClassicVue for the Gerber EDGE) Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Gerber ELAN XL Inkjet (piezo)
Graphtec SignJet Pro JS300-18ES Eco-solvent inkjet
HP9000s Inkjet (piezo)
HP Designjet L25500 HP Latex (see below)
MacDermid ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72SR ("Gator")  
Matan Sprinter Thermal transfer
Mimaki JV-3 160S Inkjet (piezo)
Mimaki JV-3 250S Inkjet (piezo)
Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Inkjet (piezo)
Mutoh LT ("Rockhopper") Inkjet
Mutoh ValueJet Inkjet
NUR Blueboard Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Fresco Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa 8S Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa 10S Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa 16S Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa Ultima 1500 Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa Ultima 2400 Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa Ultima 3200 Inkjet (piezo)
NUR Salsa Ultima 5000 Inkjet (piezo)
Phoenix Precision Graphics 360e Electrostatic transfer
Raster Graphics DCS 5442 Electrostatic transfer
Raster Graphics RP-720UV Inkjet (UV curable)
Roland ColorCAMM Thermal transfer
Roland SolJet Pro II EX Inkjet
Roland VersaCAMM Inkjet (piezo)
Scitex GrandJet V3 Inkjet (piezo)
Scitex GrandJet V5 Inkjet (piezo)
Scitex Vision Idanit-162Ad Inkjet (solvent)
Scitex Vision XLjet Premium Inkjet (piezo)
Seiko ColorPainter 64S Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Summa Durachrome Thermal transfer
3M Scotchprint 2000 Inkjet (piezo)
3M 2500 UV Inkjet (piezo)
Tiara Opal II-64 Inkjet (piezo)
Vutek Press Vu 180 UV Inkjet (UV curable)
Vutek PressVu 200 UV Inkjet (UV-curable)
Vutek UltraVu 1630 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 2360 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 2600 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 3300 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 3360 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 5000 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Vutek UltraVu 5300 Inkjet (piezoelectric)
Xerox Versatek Electrostatic transfer

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Clear Focus films certified by HP as compatible with HP Designjet L25500 latex printer: ImageVue, and EconoVue with the solid paper liner. Profile: HP Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl

HP Latex Compatibility Data Sheet

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